From recycle bins to the pit: How to create a composting programme for your office

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As much as possible, you want your business to be socially responsible and friendly to the environment. One of the best ways to do this is by using recycle bins for offices and finding ways to reuse your rubbish. For your organic waste, in particular, you should go for composting.



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While most of the legwork is done by the composting company, still there are things to do on your part as a business owner or manager to establish a successful composting programme in your office.

Here are the steps that you can take:

Step 1. Build a committee.

You will be lucky if you already have someone in the office who knows about composting. If not, choose a few individuals to be part of a committee that you can train for this matter.

Afterwards, they should be able to get the idea off the ground and establish an efficient office composting programme.

Step 2. Determine what compostable rubbish you have and what you are going to do with it.

To establish the right recycling programme for your office, you should know exactly what type of waste you are producing and the right methods to recycle it.

For example, if you are mostly producing scrap paper, you should plan the best method to manage it and partner with a company that can process and turn it into new reusable products.

If you have various types of waste material, then you should use different recycle bins for offices to make segregation easier as well.

Step 3. Designate the right bin to an area.

Recycling bins come in different designs for different purposes. For your printing area, for example, you should use a lockable shred bin. On the other hand, for your office’s kitchen, you should also use a compost kitchen bin. Unlike the former, this type of rubbish bin has a tighter seal. After all, it will be used to contain organic waste, such as food scraps, which produce odour.

Other rubbish bins that you can use are foyer or lobby bins, bathroom bins, and commercial bins.

Step 4. Educate the rest of your employees.

After drafting a composting programme, let the rest of your employees know that you are composting. Educate them about which types of waste should go to the compost bins and which ones should not.

While you are at it, you might take it as an opportunity to inform them about the advantages of composting. Also, you should be ready to answer some questions that your staff might ask you.

Step 5. Inform your building’s janitorial staff and set clear guidelines for them to follow.

Before you get started, make sure the janitors of your building know about your plan. Agree with them how frequent they should empty the recycling bin, where to empty it, and how to keep it clean.

Make sure your janitorial staff will empty and clean your compost bin kitchen people use daily to keep unfavourable odour and pests away. You can use bin liners to reduce food build-up in the containers.

For external commercial bins that you use outside, make sure they are properly positioned to make it easier for waste collectors to empty them.

If you notice containers that are leaking, replace them right away. Leaks from kitchen bins might carry germs that can spread diseases in your office. You do not want that, do you?


There you have it. It is highly possible to implement an effective composting programme for your office!

You can now start and make your business more socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

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