Toddler’s Socialization and Early Childhood Educations’ significance

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We, humans, have been practicing social interaction from the moment we were born. Thus, socialization plays a significant role in the child’s maturity. Parents have been sending their toddlers to a baby day care center to learn a healthy way of socialization. See more at child care centres in sunshine coast.


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What is socialization?

It’s when an individual acquires the norms, values, and roles of the society. Socialization can be everywhere – family, school, workplace, community or in children, in a baby day care center is considered as one avenue.

What is the process of socialization?

As a parent or a guardian, for you to get to know socialization, it’s essential to figure out the life processes of socialization and where your children belong.

1. Primary socialization – This stage begins from birth until adolescence. It’s when a child adapts to the values, roles, attitude, culture of a certain society he/she is exposed to.

This where your children belong. These years are important in molding your child’s character and attitude. It’s when a parent’s responsibility on what environment should you expose your toddlers.

2. Secondary Socialization – This socialization is particularly for matured individuals. It’s when an appropriate behavior should be acquired depending on the group he/she belongs to. For example, if you are applying for a specific job in a corporate set up, as an individual you should know how to behave as a corporate employee – learning its vision, mission, objectives, etc.

Importance of Early childhood education in a child’s socialization

The children’s early years are crucial and have a massive factor in their adulthood. To become a healthy, mature and fully molded individual in the future, attending a baby day care center would be a big help in honing a child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social skills.

According to research, children are more likely to absorb learning fast because of their neural development – Exuberant Synaptogenesis, a period wherein children’s synaptic connections are doubled compared to the adult’s. However, when a child grows into adulthood, it goes back to normal. This is the reason why in these early stages enrolling your child in early childhood education and care program is a big advantage.

As a parent, this question should be running in your mind right now, “Are there any daycare centers near me that I can easily enroll my child with?” Yes, of course! There a lot of Early Childhood Education and care schools all over Australia.

Things to consider in choosing the best Early Childhood Education Center

• VACANCY – It’s essential to know the early learning day care vacancy of a center. An overpopulated center should be a big NO. Your kids deserve a conducive set up for development.

• RELIABILITY – A facility that has a name and has been established for a very long time is considered reliable.

• ACCREDITATION – “Does this child day care near me accredited by ACECQA (Australian’s Children Education and Care Quality Authority?” This query should be running in your mind as a parent. If it’s ACECQA Accredited, therefore, the facility is safe for your kids.

• PROGRAMS – Before enrolling your kids to a specific center, it’s safe to get to know the programs they offer.

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