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Mike Eddowes

theatre, arts & music photographer

Mike Eddowes is a theatre, performing arts, dance and music photographer.

He works for major producers and theatres, fringe and alternative companies as well as drama schools and leading youth theatres.

Every year he photographs a number of music festivals, large and small.

He has photographed six productions at the new St James Theatre including Tell Me on a Sunday, Bully Boy and Daddy Long Legs.

His photographs have appeared in The Sunday Times and The Times also The Observer, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, and most daily and evening papers in the UK.

Also as blow-ups outside theatres including
The London Palladium.

A panel of Mike's theatre photographs were on display at the V+A Museum in London for three years.

In a past life Mike was PR and marketing guru to, amongst others, Elton John and Paul McCartney.

He produced thirty-five music festivals last century, mostly under the Heineken legend.

" Thanks for the lovely Moonlight and Magnolia productions photographs and the Sean Holmes portraits too... "

- Sarah O'Hanlon, Marketing Manager, Tricycle Theatre

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