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Mike Eddowes

theatre, arts & music photographer

Mike Eddowes is a theatre, arts and music photographer. He is currently working on the International Mime Festival.

He works for major producers and theatres, fringe and alternative companies as well as circuses and dance companies.

His work includes rehearsal, production, poster, publicity, portrait and pr shoots.

His photographs have appeared in The Times and Sunday Times, The Observer, Tatler,
The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Metro,
The Independent, Daily Express, Time Out, NYT, Evening Standard, What'sOnStage, and Classic FM magazine and many others.

A panel of Mike's theatre photographs were on display at the V+A Museum in London for three years.

He produced 30 music festivals in Europe and the UK and is currently working on two festivals for 2014.

" " Thanks for the lovely M+M and Nick and Sean photos... (Moonlight and Magnolias production photography / Sean Holmes portrait / Nicolas Kent portrait) " "

- Sarah O'Hanlon

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Mike Eddowes